It's you and me Stefan, Always.
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Stacy- 30.Florida. Stelena and Klaroline is everthing. I love Paul Wesley.
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maybe it’s to be funny and they’re having fun? But yeah it is pretty damn shitty.

That bitch plays with my emotions too much!

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He said’s it because they are starting over and maybe a little drunk? IDK

I dont think Stefan would be so drunk to forget the name of his “epic” love… maybe if Julie Plec wrote the scene drunk…..WTF knows with that bat shit crazy woman

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what promo and what the fuck is this BS???

I Just posted the promo


In the TVD episode 4 s 6promo, Stefan does the proposal but says Elena Williams. Not Gilbert.

Why do they have to fuck with us? ???



Even in “hell” Damon gets tortured.

If that’s not a message to state how much of a bastard he is, I don’t know what is.

I’m the fatty that makes you batty

I will not be watching TVD tonight or live blogging. If anything Stelena related happens please message me.

I am not dealing with the fuckery that is delena.


Delena is like having a period

  1. Annoying and painful to go through
  2. Makes me wanna throw things
  3. We’re all happy, when it’s gone
oswinsoswalds said: Oh yay your daughter is really cute, congrats and wish you luck and love and health and everything you and your family needs ;)

Thank you very much!!! Best to you as well :-)

— Anonymous said: I don't watch TVD anymore (because plec damn near ruined that for me) but I think it's ironic that you're saying that Damon abused Elena (dunno if he did) but you post/ed stuff from fifty shades of shit. Abuse happens there, too, just saying.

Are you fucking Kiddiing me? A fine line between kinky sex and killing your lover’s brother, mother, friend and raping a friend etc…. which Damon has done all of those. Please come back with logic.

I think its funny how they showed Stefan’ s strength by breaking his iphone screen

My ass must have super powers because I sat on mine and broke it too.

If Alaric had any sense, he’d know how bad Damon is for Elena and compel that bitch to build a bridge and get the fuck over it.

jomoporn said: Wow. The baby life is the busy life. And ahahahahahhaha ok relax.

There is no such thing as relaxing!!! Lol. How are ya?